Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair

Commercial Overhead Doors with Glass

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Service and Repair

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Repair

Commercial overhead doors are critical to keep your business or municipal organization running.  Without proper door access, your entire operation can be jeopardized.  And without safe, well-maintained overhead door equipment, customers and employees can be put in harm’s way.

Troubleshooting Commercial Doors

Superior Overhead Door has dedicated, highly experienced commercial technicians that can effectively troubleshoot and repair your door when issues arise. Our  commercial door experience is critical because we can usually trouble shoot your issue on the spot and provide an effective solution.

We understand that your overhead door is a critical part of your operation, and so we strive to get to your location in a timely manner when you need us most. We want to be a trusted, valued business partner to your organization, keeping your doors running smoothly and safely.

Our commercial technicians know how to identify and repair problems with:

  • Commercial Garage Door Opener
  • Commercial Springs
  • Sensors
  • Cables
  • Hinges
  • Panels/sections
  • Tracks
  • 3 button stations

Often, the problem may be simply that your commercial door needs a hardware upgrade. Our technicians will inspect your equipment to determine whether a hardware upgrade will suffice or if your business will need to start planning/budgeting for a commercial overhead garage door repair.

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Garage Doors

Preventative maintenance is also an important, often overlooked aspect of commercial garage door ownership. We highly recommend regular servicing of your door to prolong your equipment’s lifespan, and catch small/inexpensive problems before they become costly repairs/replacements.  We can come out and to inspect your door system, provide suggestions, and perform maintenance.

Having served hundreds of businesses and municipalities throughout the northern Illinois/Chicagoland since 1982, we have the experience to help keep you ‘on track’ and running smoothly.

We Are Happy to Provide References!

We welcome your phone call and getting to know you and your operation.  If you are new to Superior Overhead Door, and you’d like a reference from a local business, fire station, police station, or government entity, please just let us know.  We’d be happy to provide you with references so that you are comfortable with our level of expertise and responsiveness.  Our goal is not to service your doors one time, but to become a trusted business partner for years to come. Give us a call today: 815-788-1100 or 847-398-9764.

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