Residential Garage Door Opener

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Residential Garage Door Opener

The Best Garage Door Openers in the Industry

Superior Overhead Door sells and installs LiftMaster garage door openers, which are the highest quality residential garage door opener available on the market today. LiftMaster’s reliability, durability, and superior technology make it the residential  garage door opener of choice.

ListMaster openers are equipped with ‘Smart Home’ capability, and are enabled for Amazon’s Key program, if you wish to let Amazon deliveries come right into your garage for added security!  Some LiftMaster openers are equipped with battery backup as an option, for those homeowners that are concerned about power loss in the home.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Our expert technicians will troubleshoot and potentially repair your existing garage door opener. We handle LiftMaster garage door opener troubleshooting, as well as all the major brands of garage door openers, including Chamberlain, Genie, Craftsman, and more. We carry parts for most garage door opener brands, and can often repair your opener if it is not too old or damaged. Our technicians can inspect your opener and tell you if it is more economical to repair or replace it.

Superior stocks garage door remotes, keypads, safety sensor photo eyes, and other garage door accessories as well. We can program your remotes and keypads so that you don’t have to hassle with it!

All LiftMaster garage door openers are enabled with MyQ® technology, which enables you to monitor and open/close your garage door from anywhere, using your smartphone. Let us tell you more, or just watch the short video at the bottom of this page for more information!

There are 3 Main Types of Residential Garage Door Openers:

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener- 

The chain drive runs the garage door on its track utilizing a metal chain. Chain drive openers are typically the least expensive type of opener, but are also the noisiest. So, if your garage is located below or next to a bedroom or main living space, you may want to opt for a belt drive opener instead. Today’s LiftMaster openers work with MyQ® technology, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener-

Belt drive openers run on a rubber belt instead of a chain. They are usually a little more expensive than a chain drive, but many customers feel they are worth it. They are extremely reliable, and are also virtually silent. With a belt drive opener, you’ll never be bothered by the noise of your garage door. Today’s LiftMaster openers work with MyQ® technology, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. Our LiftMaster belt drive openers come equipped with battery backup technology, so you can access your garage, even during a power outage.

Wall Mount (Jackshaft) Opener-

Wall mounted openers are designed to optimize space. Wall-mount openers optimize garage ceiling space overhead, opening up possibilities for your garage and overhead space usage. LiftMaster wall mount openers are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® for smartphone control, MyQ® Remote LED light, Integrated Battery Backup (one some models), and the Automatic Garage Door Lock.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener
LiftMaster Side Mounted Garage Door Opener

Residential Garage Door Opener FAQs

LiftMaster openers include "rolling code technology", which protect against intruders by generating a new security code every single time the remote control is used on your residential garage door opener. When the remote control activates the garage door opener, a unique algorithm "rolls" the remote control's code to one of more than 100 billion possible codes. The old code will be thrown away, and the opener will know only to respond to the new code the next time the remote control is utilized. The same code will never be used more than once. Therefore, stolen previously used codes are useless to intruders.

LiftMaster offers a lifetime warranty on the motor for most of their openers.  The parts warranty varies between 1-5 years, depending on the type of opener. Superior Overhead Door offers a one year warranty on our residential garage door installation service.  Should anything go wrong with your opener down the road, simply call our office staff, and we will help figure out the proper solution for you!

LiftMaster Connected Home Technology

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