Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair


Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair

Commercial overhead doors can take a beating.   These same commercial doors are critical to run your operation.  Without proper access, your operation will grind to a halt.   Emergency vehicles can’t be dispatched, goods can not be received or delivered, and vehicles can’t be dispatched to serve your customers; which can cost you money, customers, or even worse, slow response time in an emergency.

That’s why Superior Overhead Door provides tough, dependable commercial doors that can stand up to the wear and tear of the real world.  Our 24 Hour service and repair is there when you need us.  When you call, we answer. We are available to get you up an running again 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We offer many types of commercial doors to fit your needs and ensure we keep your business running smoothly,  safely and efficiently. Most commercial overhead and roll-up garage doors are not very different than the garage door in your home, but they normally get much more use (and abuse) and have much heavier specifications and standards placed on them.

Make sure your commercial garage doors can withstand the work you put them through at your fire station, warehouse, plant, store, self-storage facility or other location.

We stand ready to help any time your doors give you unexpected trouble with our 24 Hour Emergency Service. Our technicians know how to identify and repair problems with:

  • Door Operators / Openers
  • Springs
  • Sensors
  • Cables
  • Hinges
  • Panels
  • Tracks

Often, the problem may be simply that your commercial door needs a hardware upgrade. Our technicians will inspect your commercial garage door equipment to determine whether a hardware upgrade will suffice or if your business will need new garage doors.

Having served thousands of businesses and municipalities throughout Chicagoland since 1982, we have the experience to help keep your business ‘on track’ and running smoothly.