Winter can be a tough time for your garage door to stop operating, leaving you stuck in the cold.  If your door is not operational, there are a few things you can check prior to calling a garage door professional:

1.     Try changing the battery in your remote control & keyless entry.  Especially if your batteries are old or weak, the cold weather can cause them to stop operating properly.  It is a good idea to replace the batteries annually.

2.     Check to see if something is blocking the safety sensors.  If there is any object that has gotten moved into the path of the laser beam, the sensors will not allow the door to close.

3.     Are your sensors fogged? Sometimes the cold can create a layer of condensation on the safety sensor lens that can break the connection between the sensors. Try can try to gently wipe the sensors with a soft dry cloth, being careful not to move or bump them.

4.     Still having issues? Call our team at Superior Overhead Door, and we’ll be happy to help diagnose your problem further or schedule a service call with one of our highly trained service technicians.

roken garage door with snow on roof over orange background