Weather conditions play a large part on the wear and tear of your residential & commercial garage door.  Over time you may notice that you feel more draft than usual. The vinyl seal that is installed along the top and sides of your door can crack or even break over time, allowing for gaps. The bottom rubber on your door may have holes where it has torn or been chewed by an animal. Or, you may have a gap at the bottom of your door where the concrete is not level. It is important to inspect the seal on your overhead garage door service to not only keep the harsh weather out, but to keep unwanted animals or critters out as well. The team at Superior Overhead Door is here to help!

  • There are many color options for the vinyl weather seal to match your home.
  • We carry bottom rubber for both wood and steel doors, and can install new rubber for a clean, fresh look, and an improved seal.
  • We also offer wider bottom rubber for uneven concrete.
  • Last, we offer a Stormshield threshold product for an additional seal to your concrete.  It is glued to the concrete and meets the bottom rubber or your door when closed. This is a product that can be installed in the spring, summer or fall, as it will not adhere properly in cold temperatures.  This will help your garage doors from freezing to the concrete and also ensures a nice tight seal.