Is it time to purchase a new garage door opener? Here are several reasons why purchasing a new garage door opener may make sense for your home.

1. Quieter

Almost any new opener will be quieter than one that was installed years ago. Especially an opener with a belt drive and a DC motor. These openers are practically silent, which is great, especially if there are living or sleeping spaces adjacent to the garage.

2. Smarter

Today’s garage door openers are equipped with wi-fi capability, making it possible to open, close, and monitor your door from virtually anywhere, using a smartphone app. This technology allows you to give access to your home for relatives, caregivers, contractors, and now even Amazon deliveries (learn about the new Amazon Key in-garage delivery program here).

3. Brighter

Some garage door openers offer built-in LED lighting, which will light up your entire garage from corner-to-corner with bright, even light. If you work in your garage, or just appreciate a well-lit space, this may be an option for you!

4. Safer

If your garage door opener is old (pre-1993), you probably don’t have current safety features.  Photo eyes, or safety sensors, are mandatory in all new garage door openers sold in the United States. They reduce the chance of injury by reversing the door’s direction when something breaks the invisible beam. Investing in the latest technology is well worth your family’s safety.

5. Space-saving

Most commercial garage door openers hang from the ceiling, but some are mounted beside the garage doors (called side-mounted, or jack-shaft openers). Side-mounted openers free up your overhead space for extra storage or just a cleaner, nicer looking garage interior. They also allow car-enthusiasts to put a car lift into many garages since the overhead space remains open. Additionally, since they are not mounted to your garage’s ceiling, people in living spaces above the garage won’t feel the vibration of a garage door opener.