Gone are the days of wondering ‘did I close the garage door?’  Or better yet, ‘did my teenager remember to shut the garage doors when he came home?’ Now, with the touch of a smartphone, iPad, or other device, you can check the status of your door, and open or close it remotely, anytime.

Our partner, LiftMaster, offers state of the art Smart Home technology for your residential & commercial door opener. Smart Home technology is an exciting trend, offering homeowners improved safety, security, and ease of access. Between the years 2018-2022, the Smart Home, (also known as the Connected Home) technology is expected to double. 40% of Millenials feel it’s very important to have a connected home and say they are willing to pay for it.

Want to see what time your teen came home? Simply check your LiftMaster MyQ app. Want to let your dog walker or contractor into the house? Use your MyQ app to open and close the garage door for her. Every new LiftMaster garage door opener is enabled with this exciting technology! We are a certified LiftMaster dealer, and would be happy to install your new MyQ enabled commercial garage door opener. Call us today!

See a short video on the topic here:

The Story on LiftMaster MyQ Technology & Accessories