Many homeowners are looking for cost effective, practical ways to boost curb appeal, and add a sense of style to their home.  Especially if your garage is at the front of the home, it can often take up 30-50% of the entire front elevation.  This provides an outstanding opportunity to transform the look of your home, for much less than you may think.

Garage doors come in many styles, from traditional to modern, and everything in between.  Carriage style doors have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and won’t cost you a fortune.   Adding windows with can also add that extra boost of appeal, and provide some natural light as well.  For those who are security conscious, there are many types of obscured or frosted glass available, that won’t allow neighbors or possible intruders to peek inside.

For a traditional 16’x7’ double garage door, a new, well-insulated door can start at about $1,100 installed, and go up, depending on your selections. More stylish doors, or doors with windows can be closer to $1600 or more. All in all, as one of the largest features on your home, it is a small investment for what can be a HUGE boost in curb appeal and functionality.  A new door also boosts your home’s safety and security.  Garage doors are big and heavy.  A door that is old, or not maintainted/adjusted properly can fall and damage your personal goods, or worst case, seriously injure someone.

Want to see how it can change YOUR curb appeal?

Watch this short 3 minute video for some awesome suggestions and tips on choosing the right door:


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